«Accademia» and «Cahiers d’Accademia»

One of the main activities of the Société Marsile Ficin consists in the editing of an international  yearly journal: «Accademia»  – which issue XVIII is now in preparazione  – dedicated to ficinian and neoplatonic in Renaissance and its supplement the «Cahier» – which issues 10 and 11 are soon to be published – . The latter gathers proceedings of conferences, essays, monographs, bibliographies all related to Ficino and his milieu. The "Cahiers" are issued irregularly because they depend on scientific events with no fixed schedule. They are sent free to the SMF's members. The "Cahier "10  bears on Ficino's notes on De mysteriis di Iamblico in the ms. Vallicellianus F20. As to the  "Cahier" 11, it  deals with the theme of the christian cabbala.
Amongst the bibliografic tools provided by «Accademia» there is the  ficinian bibliography 1986-2008, the bibliography on  Leon Ebrew and the one on  Pico della Mirandola (see journal summaries). We are presently proceeding to the re-reading of a new and up to date  ficinian bibliography, by Thomas Gilbhard - Head of the Library and Book Art Collection of the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg - covering years 2000-2010 which publication is planned to come out within a few months, for sure before the end of 2019.

Société Marsile Ficin's newsletter

Following our January newsletter, another newsletter containing up to date informations and announcements is due for 2019.

Fac-simile reprints

One of the major objects of the Société Marsile Ficin which is also its reason to exist, consists in propagating rare humanistic texts throughout fac-simile reproduction editions of a selection of appropriate Renaissance books, namely some incunabula, all provided with an important introduction by Stéphane Toussaint :

  • Opera Omnia Marsilii Ficini, in 2 volumi (Henricpetri, Basilea 1576);

  • De Anima di Cristoforo Marcello (De Gregoriis, Venezia 1508);

  • Opera Omnia Plotini, testo greco e latino, trad. e commentari di Ficino (Perna, Basilea 1580);

  • De Mysteriis Aegyptiorum Jamblichi […] Marsilio Ficino interprete (Aldo Manuzio, Venezia 1497); new edition dicember 2018

  • Opera Omnia di F. Cattani da Diacceto (Henricpetri, Basilea 1580);

  • Pimandro, Pymander manoscritto  latino tradotto in toscano da T. Benci, 1463 ed edizione Torrentino, Firenze 1549.

        Epistole Ficini, (Capcasa, Venezia 1495)

A new subscription is launched for the fac-simile reprint of the  Incunabolo Plato Opera  trad. Marsilius Ficinus, Venezia 1491, Ed. De Choris, De Luere, Torresanus, 888 p.+ introduction, rigid cloth binding.

Price: for SMF's members: 100€ , non-members: 130€  + mailing: Europe 20€, overseas: 25€

To subscribe contact : Monique Le Bel e-mail <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>                                                                                             


 Editing project:

In Spring 2018, the Société Marsile Ficin has  celebrated its  twenty years of existence. In order to highlight this event  the Société Marsile Ficin will publish an essential work to ficinian and neoplatonic studies: the facsimile reproduzion edition of  the Plato Opera's incunabulum in the traduction and with the  comments of  Ficino, published in Venice in 1491 by De Choris, De Luere, Torresanus editors. The volume is an in- folio of 888 pages which will be provided with an important introduction by Stéphane Toussaint. This fac-simile is now under subscription. As usual, the SMF members will have a special reduction on the price ( see above). Besides this initiative, the launching of the volume in 2020 will be the occasion of a one day conference  held both in Florence and in Paris in which important scholars will take part.

More informations: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  /(39) 0583517501



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De Mysteriis...Jamblichi

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Plato Opera

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Ficinian news

Amongst the recent initiatives that paid tribute to Ficino and his works ought to be mentioned the most interesting exhibition entitled  Alexandrie la Divine at the Fondation Bodmer ( Cologny -Genève) in 2014. On this occasion,  ficinian manuscripts - which had never come out of Italy - were graciously lent by the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana of Florence. Two mighty volumes, published by La Baconnière editors, illustrate this important initiative which, among other results, replaced the florentin neoplatonism in the very long perspective of the alexandrine culture(

The symposium  entitled Plotinus, East and West. The Enneads in Arabic and Latin, at the University of Pisa, from 3-6 november 2014, concerned the traduction and the commentary over the Plotinus Enneads (1492)(

From the 1st-3rd octobre 2015 the University of Berlin celebrated Ficino in an international conference Marsilio Ficino in Deutschland und Italien in which was devoloped  the question on the links between magics, philosophy and humanism between Italiy and Germany in Renaissance(

In mars 2016 a conference on platonism, organized at the University Lyon 3, dealt among other subjects on Ficino (

 On the 2nd june 2016, the Kunsthistorisches Institut – Max Planck Institut in Florence had an art history seminar dealing with neoplatonism and art in Renaissance, wth a historiographical debate on Ficino and his influence on  european artistic spheres.

The conference Ideales Sehen, organized on 12-13 dicember 2016 by the l'EPHE and the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte in Münich (LMU), held at the Accademia di San Luca in Rome, had a section dedicated to Ficino.

The second research seminar of the Kunsthistorisches Institut – Max Planck Institut in Florence, on the 7th february 2017, dealt on the knowledge of  ficinian platonism in  artists of  XVI-XVII centuries.